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Feature Tiles Perth

Feature tiles are ideal to bring a space or room to life. talk to us about our latest arrivals in new and exciting designs, patterns, colours and shapes.
Feature Tiles Perth

M-Artisan 300 X 300mm

Feature Wall Tiles Perth

M-Assuro 300 X 300mm


M-Black Hex 300 X 300mm

QA-Tiles-M-Celtic-Mocha-300-X-300mm-Feature-Tile (1)

M-Celtic Mocha 300 X 300mm

QA-Tiles-M-Celtic-Nero-300-X-300mm-Feature-Tile (2)

M-Celtic Nero 300 X 300mm

QA-Tiles-M-Crusier-300-X-300mm-Feature-Tile (2)

M-Crusier 300 X 300mm

Feature Tiles 300 x 600mm

Description text
New Project - 2023-07-13T160128.403

Beads White 300 X 600mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T151216.898

D-Sema U Stone 300 X 600mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T151339.645

Pietra Argento 300 X 600mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T151451.791

Pietra Avorio 300 X 600mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T151622.350

Saronto Black Mosaics 300 X 600mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T151802.940

Saronto Pink Gold Mosaics 300 X 60

New Project - 2023-07-13T151932.536

Saronto Platinum 300 X 600mm Feature Tile

New Project - 2023-07-13T154931.671

Saronto Silver Mosaics 300 X 600mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T155130.176

Sega Platinum Rustic 300 X 600mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T155247.623

Sinoso White 300 X 600mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T155413.434

Skyline Series White 300 X 600mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T155539.090

Spencer Acer Grigio 300 X 600mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T155659.150

Spencer Argento Nero 300 X 600mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T155836.139

Spencer Muscle White 300 X 600mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T155952.145

Spencer Niquel Fumo 300 X 600mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T160412.272

Terrazo Nero 300 X 600mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T161142.107

Saronto Silver Mosaics 300 X 600mm

Feature Tiles 401 x 601mm

Description text
New Project - 2023-07-13T161352.178

Wallrock Gris 401 X 601mm

New Project - 2023-07-13T161446.432

Wallrock Blanco 401 X 601mm

At QA Tiles, we redefine refinement feature tiles Perth with our magnificent collection. Our curated variety boasts unparalleled craftsmanship and diverse layouts that breathe life right into any area. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen area, or washroom, or developing a declaration wall surface, our feature tiles are crafted to excite.
With a combination of contemporary trends and ageless classics, our option caters to varied preferences and choices. Discover a myriad of structures, patterns, and shades that instil individuality and charm into your interiors.

Our ceramic tiles not only captivate with their aesthetic charm but likewise stand the test of time, making certain longevity and long-lasting beauty. Crafted using superior products and ingenious techniques, our feature tiles are a testimony to top quality tiles and finesse.

Devoted to client complete satisfaction, QA Tiles uses personalized service, directing you to discover the ideal feature tiles Perth to match your vision. Upgrade your home or service with the style and appeal of our attributed floor tiles in Perth. Visit QA Tiles today and let your room reflect unique design and sophistication.

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Elevate Your Space with Stunning Feature Wall Tiles Perth

Change your atmosphere with our splendid range of Feature Wall Tiles Perth. Elevate your space to brand-new heights of class and design. Our curated choice flaunts sensational layouts and appearances, crafted to add personality and allure to any kind of space. Whether you seek modern or rustic beauty, our varied collection supplies the perfect solutions.
Discover the embodiment of high-quality and visual appeals with QA Tiles. Redefine your room effortlessly and produce a fascinating atmosphere that reflects your own style. Explore our special array today and boost your insides with the attraction of our feature Wall Tiles Perth.

Turn your walls into works of art with our unique and stunning feature wall tiles in Perth

Transform your space right into a masterpiece with our exceptional feature wall tiles in Perth. Elevate your interiors with our captivating designs that take a breath life right into every wall surface, turning them into enthralling artworks.
Our unique collection flaunts an array of spectacular patterns, appearances, and shades, allowing you to release your creative thinking and redefine your design.

Crafted with accuracy and advancement, our feature wall tiles Perth merge aesthetic appeals with toughness, guaranteeing an enduring perception. Whether you seek a modern, ageless beauty or a strong, meaningful declaration, our range satisfies diverse preferences and choices.

Experience the combination of style and performance as our ceramic tiles not only decorate your wall surfaces but additionally stand the test of time. Revitalise your space effortlessly and produce a visual phenomenon with QA Tiles feature wall tiles Perth.
Explore our collection today and immerse yourself in a world of endless layout possibilities. Redefine ordinary wall surfaces right into remarkable showcases of innovative expression.


Rodney Burns
Rodney Burns
m k
m k
Ken Carson
Ken Carson
The staff made the selection so easy & the service was of the highest standard
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold
Good range of tiles at a decent price. However, 2 different sales-people gave me different prices on the same tile. Bit disturbing as it makes you realise getting the best deal is hit and miss.
Andrew Glenville
Andrew Glenville
Great team, great prices!!
Hasan Cheaib
Hasan Cheaib
Great selection of tiles and excellent customer service!
Wade Adams
Wade Adams
Nic Multari
Nic Multari
Large selection of wall& floor tiles, Some tiles look out of fashion
Paulette Lambert
Paulette Lambert
Lovely service, good range of tiles at a good price
Maurice Gabriel
Maurice Gabriel
Quick and efficient service

Right feature wall tiles in Perth to transform the ambiance of any room

Get the right Feature Wall Tiles in Perth. Elevate your space with our best collection thoroughly crafted to redefine room ambiance effortlessly. We provide a variety of designs, shades, and structures to enrich your aesthetic vision.
Whether it’s contemporary elegance or timeless elegance, pick the suitable floor tiles to transform any kind of area into a thrilling masterpiece. Uncover our curated option and glimpse the power of outstanding design. Glorify your space today with the best feature wall surface tiles that speak volumes in sense of your style and refinement.

Affordable Luxury: Feature Tiles Perth

Enjoy affordable Luxury with Our feature tiles Perth. Elevate your room with sophistication and elegance without breaking the bank. Our charming collection of feature wall floor tiles in Perth brings affordable deluxe to your fingertips.
Crafted with precision and style, our floor tiles redefine opulence without endangering high quality. Enhance any kind of space effortlessly with our varied range of designs, appearances, and colors, curated to fit every aesthetic.
Whether you seek a modern, posh ambiance or an ageless, traditional allure, our ceramic feature Wall Tiles Perth are tailored to transform your walls into spectacular centrepieces. Experience the embodiment of refinement as our floor tiles perfectly mix price with luxury.
Remodel your interior with a touch of magnificence while remaining within budget. Unveil the appeal of luxurious living with our feature tiles Perth today.

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Discover the best feature wall floor tiles for your space with QA tiles in Perth. Get a Free Quote today and unlock unsurpassable rates on our magnificent collection. Raise your interior decoration with our comprehensive variety of premium floor tiles, crafted to boost the setting of any kind of area.

Our expert group in Perth is committed to helping you find the optimal floor tiles showroom that enhance your design budget. Whether you’re looking for a modern, sleek look or a timeless, traditional feeling, we have the solution for you.

Request your Free Quote now and benefit from our affordable rates on feature tiles Perth. Trust QA Tiles to transform your area into a sensational masterpiece. Do not miss out on this exclusive deal– contact us today to get started.

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